Frescobaldi Girolamo





Frescobaldi, Girolamo

(1583 - 1643) 





Girolamo Frescobaldi is considered to be amongst the greatest composers of his time. His compositions are specifically focused on music for keyboards (organ and harpsicord) of which he was a great virtuoso, unlike most composers of his time who mainly composed vocal music.

He acquired early fame as a performer of toccatas and improvisations, and his popularity greatly influnced the style of his contemporaries and successors.

He achieved relevant results as a teacher and amongst his students we can enumerate very important musicians, the most notable being Johann Froberger who exported his musical models throughout Europe.

Frescobaldi's musical heritage is so important that J.S. Bach himself copied by hand his work “Fiori musicali” [Musical Flowers].

 Tullio Forlenza
(Trad.: Ilaria Barborini)



From: Toccate e partite d'intavolatura, Libro 2:
[Toccatas and tablatures partitas, Book 2]

Aria detta la frescobalda - Aria con variazioni F 3.32
[Aria known as "la frescobalda" - Aria with variations F 3.32]