Le bouquetier [The flowerpot]


Diabelli, Anton (1781 - 1858)



"Le bouquetier" [The Flowerpot]

4 Sonatinas Op. 151







01. Sonatina in G Maj. Op. 151 n. 1
02. Sonatina in C Maj. Op. 151 n. 2
03. Sonatina in F Maj. Op. 151 n. 3
04. Sonatina in C Maj. Op. 151 n. 4


The four Sonatinas of Op. 151 appear for the first time in 1830, in an edition edited by Diabelli himself, remained the only holder of the publishing house "Cappi & Diabelli" renamed in 1824 "Anton Diabelli & Cie./Comp.".

The style of the different Sonatinas is various and represents an interesting sample of the musical conventions of the time, with a basic pleasantness dominating all of them which was much appreciated in the musical situations to which these pieces were destined.


 Tullio Forlenza




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