Valzer Adieu to the Piano Anh. 15


Valzer "Glaube, Liebe und Hoffnung" in F Maj. Anh. 15
           [Faith, love and hope]

           "Adieu au Piano"
           [Farewell to the Piano]


  Pianist: Tullio Forlenza

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The notices about this short piano piece are extremely confused and fragmentary, the year of his first editorial appearance is 1838 when it was published by the Gustav Crantz in Berlin, then followed by many other printed editions and several entries in anthologies for young pianists.

There are several titles as this piece is also known as:

Abschied vom Piano [Farewell to the Piano]
Adieu [Farewell]
Adieu au Piano [Farewell to the Piano]
Glaube, Liebe und Hoffnung [Faith, love and hope]

The London publisher Boosey titled the piece:

"Beethoven's Adieu to the Piano, being His Last Composition."
[Beethoven's farewell to the piano, being his last composition]

The same attribute of Waltz in F Maj. is rather approximate, both for the tempo: "Moderate with much expression" and for the appearance of a central trio wich writing characteristics are enough distant from Waltz stile.

In the catalog of Beethoven's works the piece is indicated as Anhang [Appendix] 15 or HA 37 in the last edition of the catalog Hess (Willy Hess).


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